About us

All About Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency

Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency is a marketing agency based out of Ottawa that offers digital and traditional advertising solutions that help your brand grow.

Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency is a proud Google Partner creative agency. With full service website development, digital campaigns, social media growth, publishing and more, you'll get solutions you need to achieve results. Our team designs custom solutions that align your company vision and goals with the power and reach of digital to delight your customers and exponentially grow your business.


 Proud Partners

What is a Huckleberry friend?

Our slogan, Your Huckleberry Friends, is the driving vision of our company. 

Because a Huckleberry Friend is someone who helps you achieve your dreams, and that is exactly what our agency does. Our agency works with you to give you every advantage of strategic marketing solutions to help your brand achieve growth. 

How does Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency provide business solutions?

Depending on your needs, you can choose an agency subscription to create, plan and execute your digital marketing or choose to get specific projects for your brand. The choice is yours so you get access to digital experts to help your brand grow with solutions that work for you. 

Agency subscriptions are available for Basic, Pro and Elite levels so you can pick the best option for your brand. With a subscription service, your brand gets continuous support to create, execute and track your digital marketing. Specific projects, like a new website, chatbot, content creation and more, provide you with a team of creatives to help you get the task done to start achieving results. 

As a client, your creative vision and unique branding forms the basis of your strategic plan and solutions. Whether you choose to have a specific project or subscription, your each and every step of the way, you'll be in constant communication with your Digital Strategist with real-time updates and solutions. Huckleberry helps you grow your brand using highly targeted top performance digital trends to achieve results. 

About the Huckleberry Team

Who is the Huckleberry team?

Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency's awesome team of creatives from executives and seniors to managers and associates all work together so we can deliver top quality work that helps our clients achieve results. Our team works with Fortune 500 companies, medium to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and organizations.

The most important member of our team is always you. This is because you are the expert on your business, brand and niche. Our team listens to your needs so we can find the best solutions. Huckleberry delivers the measurable results you need so you can grow your business.