Here's Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing 💰

Here's what you need to know about email marketing.

Email marketing is the best way to make money online. 

And, even though email marketing has been around for 40 years (which in digital terms is 'old'), email continues to the top ROI strategy for all online sales. Here's what you need to know about email marketing.

1. Email marketing is the top performer when it comes to making sales online.

Email marketing outperforms social media by 40x when it comes to acquisition of new customers (Source: CampaignMonitor).

What's more, since 2014, email marketing accounts for roughly a quarter of all online sales generated online, delivering an average ROI of $44.25 for every $1 spent (Source: Web Presence).

So basically, email marketing is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G for your overall digital sales strategy.

2. Welcome emails are the most opened and most acted on emails.

Welcome emails generate an average 320% MORE ROI on a per email basis than any other promotional emails (Source: WordStream).

In other words, make that first welcome series count.

3. Emails that get sent out in REAL TIME make 10x more money.

​​Trigger campaigns sent out in real-time make 10x more money than batch scheduled emails (Source: EasySMTP).

So yeah, definitely a worthwhile feature to add for any e-commerce website.

4. Segmented emails based on preferences increases email ROI by 77%.

Remember, it's all about the consumer experience. 

Segmenting your email list to send out behaviour and preference based emails will increase your overall email marketing ROI to the tune of 77% more (Source: Kissmetrics).

6. Customized emails get more opens and clicks.

Flattery really does get you everywhere.... Turns out, customized emails have an open rate that averages 14.32% higher than "blasts" with a higher CTR of 100.95% (Source: WordStream). 

Customize emails with names, exclusive offers based on behaviours, birthday deals, content catered to preferences and interests so your list subscribers feel noticed and special.

7. Emails should be mobile AND desktop friendly to optimize sales.

People tend to check emails while watching TV, laying in bed or just relaxing, so that first time seeing your email should catch attention (over 90% of consumers use their email once a day if not more). And, the second time they view your email is when the action is taken (Source: SalesForce). 

Most commonly, emails are opened on mobile first and the real purchase decision happens on desktops or tablets (Source: WordStream).

8. WORDS have the most impact to create emails that sell.

The top 3 words to include in email for conversion are: 'you', 'because' and 'imagine' (Source: EasySMTP).

Use enticing subject lines that make consumers want to open your email and be sure that there is a flow between your subject and content.

9. If you don't customize emails, your consumers will go to your competitor who does.

Yup, 52% to 65% of consumers report that they will switch companies if their communications are not personalized in some way (Source: SalesForce).

With data collection capacities these days, if you don't already have segmented lists with tags, you can easily implement a survey and tagging options to implement this and see a big difference for your email marketing ROI.

Course, if really you want to be *extra*, use website tracking to deliver action triggered emails and re-targeting display ads. 

10. Simple improvements can double your email ROI.

Believe it or not, even though email marketing has the top ROI in digital, as of Dec 2017, only 49% of companies were using automated email marketing (Source: WordStream). Wha?! So anyway, if you're already doing email marketing, you're doing well 👏

That being said, improvements and updates to email campaigns is smart so you continue to keep content fresh and engaging.

The fastest strategy to improve email marketing is to A/B test your email campaigns, which is shown to improve email campaigns by up to 49% (Source: CampaignMonitor). Then move onto the more fun stuff with segmented campaigns and customized offers.


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