How Online Reviews Make Or Break Your Business ⚡️

Here's what you need to know about online reviews in the digital age. 

Online reviews have a MAJOR impact on businesses in this day and age. From your search engine visibility to purchasing decisions, online reviews can make or break your business. 

Read below to find out how to leverage positive and negative reviews to grow your business.

1. Did you know that 90% of consumers make buying decisions based on online reviews?

That's right, 90% of consumers report that online reviews make or break their buying decision, so yeah, pretty key (Source: Marketing Land).

On average, people read about 6 reviews before making a purchase decision.

2. More often than not, online reviews show up in the first page of internet searches.

At least 81% of consumers perform internet research about a brand and product before making a buying decision (Source: AdWeek). 

What's more, consumers love online reviews so search engines love them too (Source: Shopify). In those critical stages of pre-purchase activity, any online reviews through Google, Yelp and other platforms are more than likely to show up and influence a purchase decision. 

3. Lack of communication with negative reviews is a major flag to potential consumers.

Consumers expect brands to be present and available through digital communication channels.

If a consumer posts about a negative experience, take it as an opportunity to address a problem and make it right with superb customer service solutions.

Do not delete or ignore negative reviews! Show your brand is actively listening to feedback and providing solutions with a response to make it right because this makes consumers confident that if any goes wrong, you will be there to hear them out.

4. Actively ask customers for reviews online.

Because the vast majority of consumers perform research online before making a purchase decision, a lack of reviews can have a negative impact (Source: All Business). 

Take a pro-active approach and ask your customers to provide feedback. There are a few ways to do this is, such as adding links from your website, signage on location, emails with a link to provide a review after a sale or a text with a link to give a review. 

A bonus to asking for reviews (beyond the boost in SEO and credibility) is the invaluable feedback for your company.

5. Always thank customers who share positive online reviews.

While 90% of consumers read reviews, the majority of online reviews are written by a small minority of customers (Source: Business2Community). 

So when a customer takes time to share a positive experience  be sure to thank that customer online!

Consumers look to see for active engagement from brands for negative and positive interactions. In fact, 25% of consumers actively advocate for brands who regularly interact with their consumers via social media in real time (Source: Forbes).

6. Consumers look for timely reviews from the last 90 days.

73% of consumers disregard online reviews that are more than 3 months old (Source: BrightLocal). So it's in your best interest to actively ask for reviews to stay relevant.

7. Online reviews are the digital era's word-of-mouth advertising.

Online reviews are trusted by consumers just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

In other words, online reviews are one of the most powerful ways to grow your business in the digital era.

Be sure to keep close tabs on your online reviews with Google alerts for your business and take the time to respond to both negative and positive reviews to make the most of it.


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