How To Create A Seamless Digital Experience Consumers Love (And Expect!) 🔥

Find out how to meet consumer expectations of a seamless digital experience.

Um, hi, welcome to the Internet, you might have missed this but... a seamless digital experience is the expectation nowadays.

Here's what you need to know about what consumers expect of interactions with brands online:

1. Roughly one third of consumers shop online at least once a week.

So basically if you sell anything, it needs to be available to reserve or buy online to keep up with consumer shopping habits today (Source: WalkerSands).

2. 50% of all foot traffic and in-person sales today are influenced by your online efforts.

This means that 100% of your online shoppers are influenced by your brand's digital AND at least 50% of all foot traffic and in-person sales are influenced by online pre-purchase activities (Source: MobileBusinessInsights). 

And that trend is only growing each year.

From product and price comparisons to online review and website research, consumers lean on digital access to help them make the best possible purchase decisions more and more. With a growing number of consumers shopping online directly and consumers using digital to make offline purchasing choices, there is no distinction between online and offline for consumers today.

3. Consumers expect brands to have an active onlinpresence.

Consumers expect brands to have an online presence. 

From social media and reviews to emails and more, consumers look for brands that are digitally active and responsive. (Source: SessionCam).

4. Mobile responsive is a MUST.

More and more people use smartphones and tablets to perform pre-product research and complete sales online.

In other words, you can't afford to miss out on the growing droves of consumers on mobile. (Source: McKinsey).

6. Integration with other platforms is key.

Consumers want access to integrations with other platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.).

Think about the consumer journey to use for the best options for digital integrations tailored to your target market (Source: SessionCam).

7. Consumers expect a personalized digital experience.

Consumers today actively look for brands that offer personalized communications (Source: theguardian).

Brands can use web tracking CRM software that triggers campaigns based on consumer selections. The key concept here is to make it as easy as possible for consumers by anticipating their needs based to save your customers time and effort.

8. Brands should tailor digital efforts to enhance the "consumer journey".

The omnichannel is real people.

Consumers today expect brands to be available across numerous devices with a cohesive digital consumer journey (Source: CGS).

The best UX for consumers today involves a clear understanding of how people become aware of your brand, evaluate purchase decisions, make purchase decisions and beyond. 

9. A 'seamless digital experience' is hipster for 'as easy as f-ing possible'.

The best way to create a digitally seamless experience for consumers is to map out the consumer journey from discovery to purchase and continued purchases.

Any innovations that save consumers time and effort WIN because consumers report that they will switch to companies that do provide digital solutions. (Source: ConverSocial)

10. Top seamless digital experiences combine offline and online tactics to enhance the overall consumer experience with the brand.

A seamless digital experience translates to a seamless experience. 

There is no 'offline' and 'online' for consumers because digital is just an extension of life... so if there's a difference interacting with a brand offline or online, it will become a decidedly bad one. 

Basically, brands that integrate offline and online tactics set the standard of expectation today (Source: Racounter).


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