How To Level Up Your Email Marketing in 2018 🍄

The top 20% of marketers generate 77% higher returns than you, here's what they do.

Email marketing is by far the top digital strategy today with an average ROI of $44 to every $1 dollar spent

But, did you know that only the top 20% of marketers know how to increase the impact of email marketing by 77% by using one simple tactic?

Read below to find out how to level up your email marketing ROI.

1. It's no secret that email marketing is the top performing digital strategy today.

In case you're late to the party, email marketing delivers at least a quarter of all online sales with an average ROI of 4400%. 

So, if you're not already using some form of automated email marketing, your week just got booked.

2. And there's a way to make email marketing even more profitable... to the tune of 77% more.

Yup, It's called targeted email marketing and it improves ROI of email marketing by 77% (Source: Kissmetrics). 

ICYMI, targeted email marketing is ad-geek for creating groups within your email list CRM to cater messages to specific segments in your database and trigger campaigns based on tracking behaviours (like signing up for a new list, linking a product, etc.).

3. Targeted emails generate higher open rates, higher conversion, higher click through rates and of course, higher ROI. Plus, it makes your customers way happier.

That's right, not only does list targeted and customized communications increase ROI of your email marketing, it also keeps your customers happy and loyal.

JSYK, 52%-65% of customers today seek out brands that personalize marketing and communications (Source: SalesForce).

And, personalized promotional emails get 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates than those that do not personalize (Source: Web Presence Solutions).

4. Top marketers use segmented lists and automated action trigger campaigns to generate top profits. (A.K.A. Targeted Email Marketing.)

The results you gain from targeted email marketing are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Segmented lists generate higher unique opens, click through rates and conversion. Automated trigger campaigns (as in, emails that are triggered by a specific action, like an abandoned cart, a sign-up call to action, etc.) increase conversion by 624% compared to batch scheduled emails (Source: Web Presence Solutions).  

5. Ready to find out how you can start using targeted email marketing?

The good news is, you can immediately begin to create targeted email campaigns.

Simply start by tagging your list within your CRM and then create more focused follow-up campaigns.

If you don't have the data to segment and personalize your list yet, there are a few ways to get the info you need. For instance, you can create a survey to get some basic information from your users (name, birthday, preferences relevant to your products, etc.) and tag those users based on the data you receive (many software solutions will do this automatically once you create the survey and tags). You can sweeten the deal with discount coupons for filling in the form as a way to make it even more enticing to your list.

Another way to do this is to use rewards programs, exclusive birthday discounts, wish list features on your website - there are many ways you can start to segment your list and create website tracking integration to use behaviour triggered campaigns. What works best for your brand really depends on your audience and offerings.

The general idea that consumers want is communications that help them save time and effort with convenient and tailored marketing messages.

6. The great news is, customers LOVE this type of engaging email content! Your customers feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you care.

Personalized and customized email marketing saves your customer precious time. When your email marketing campaigns are timely solutions that make it easy for your customer to get the information they want, everybody is much happier. 

Be sure to go the extra mile and ask the right questions and provide relevant landing pages so the experience from email to click is consistent and seamless to make the most of your targeted emails.

7. Try different tactics to find the best targeted campaigns for your target market.

Keep it fluid and authentic to your business so you can create relevant segmented lists. The goal is to engage with your customers on a more engaging and personal level. 

For some businesses, that will be using certain tried and true trigger campaigns, from welcome emails, rewards programs and cart abandonment. Or, you can split your list into broad categories to identify different needs and then create targeted campaigns based on those segments. Some lists will respond best to emails sent out at 8am while others prefer emails at 7pm - test it all so you can keep it fresh and relevant for your consumers. 

Bottom line?

Look for ways to integrate more personalized and targeted email marketing. Start by segmenting your existing email list and build out campaigns that empower your brand to create the most relevant follow ups. Once you've got this down, look for solutions to integrate website tracking with your CRM so you can deliver the customized action trigger campaigns that consumers love.


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