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If you think your email list has power, wait until you try out AI Chatbots. With much higher open rates than email, more engagement and a quicker and more casual way to reach your target market, Chatbots are the future of digital marketing and conversational commerce. Get your brand a slice of the pie with a custom designed AI Messenger Chatbot.

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Chatbots are the future of digital, giving your audience that crucial instant support and guidance online. With 98% or higher open rates, nothing compares with the power of instant messages for your brand to grow. From discovery and evaluation to support, brands are tapping into powerful new sales support systems with Chatbot solutions consumers love.

The Advanced AI Messenger Chatbot service allows your brand to create your own Chatbot for your website and Facebook page to that offers consumers continuous instant support solutions. From email subscriptions to product and services guidance, creative and fun new Chatbot solutions deliver unparalleled results for businesses online. Unlike a rule-based only Chatbot, the advanced artificial intelligence Chatbot provides Natural Language Processing capability. This means that beyond a set of specific answers, your customers can “talk” to your Chatbot and have a conversational experience.

What’s Included:

  • Key Recommendations for Chatbot Design
  • 24 Conversational Parameters
  • Complete Custom Chatbot Development
  • Integration with Email Marketing Software (*must be compatible with Messenger Chatbot) 
  • Configuration with WordPress-powered Website
  • Configuration with Business Facebook Page
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

AI Chatbots offer instant digital solutions and give your organization powerful data insights and sales support. The Advanced AI Messenger Chatbot package includes up to 24 custom parameters so you can subscribe new leads to your messenger contact list, tell customers about new deals and more with responsive parameters that provide your audience with conversational responses. Chatbots are configured onto your website and Facebook page to delight fans with the latest support solutions available 24/7.

Delivery Timeframe: Typical delivery for the complete custom build and testing of your Advanced Artificial Intelligence Chatbot ranges between 10-14 weeks from data of purchase.

Note: Your Chatbot is custom designed and uploaded to your website and/or business Facebook page. The Advanced AI Chatbot package is only available for WordPress powered websites.


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