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Find out how to strategically grow your brand with digital marketing consultation service. Get a team of creatives to help you create action plans to focus on top-performance trends and strategies that deliver results. From website design and search engine visibility to marketing automations and more, your agency enrollment shows you how to implement step by step action to achieve results that boost your bottom line.

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Are you sick and tired of reading through countless articles on the latest digital trends, algorithm updates and new marketing tools? Stop wasting time and start getting results with a team of creatives who love those articles and digital trends. With the Basic Agency Subscription, your brand gains access to digital marketing consultation to give you expert planning, support and guidance you need to grow your brand online. 

The Basic digital marketing package is designed to give you custom solutions that work best for your brand and your audience. You’ll get key insights to stand apart from the competition and stay ahead of the latest digital trends with your personal Digital Marketing Strategist by your side every step of the way. Your agency subscription gives you the unfair advantage to build your brand with a systemized digital presence to dominate your market. With seasoned pros by your side, you take the reins to execute strategic digital marketing that delivers results.

Your digital marketing consultation is broken down into a 3-step system to create, implement and track the right digital marketing strategy for your brand to get results and achieve success.

Step 1: Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To start, we’ll review your brand’s digital presence to outline priorities, strengths and opportunities for your digital marketing strategy to support the current and future goals of your organization. For this, our team performs a full digital audit and analysis, including:

  • Brand Consistency and Reputation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Aspirational Analysis
  • Website Design and Visibility
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Recommendations and next steps

Once your digital audit and analysis is ready, we’ll get together with you to review the results and create the right plan for your brand.

You’ll get a full package that outlines what we found, recommendations for improvement and business impact, and budgetary pricing for upfront and ongoing costs. From there, our team will help you determine the best strategies depending on your budget, goals and timeline.

Step 2: Design and Execute Your Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

With Strategic Digital Marketing Consultation, you get the fast track to the trends and solutions customized for your brand to achieve success.

Your on-going services are designed to help you achieve your goals with hard-hitting strategies and hot new trends. You’ll get monthly one-on-one time with your Digital Strategist, who reviews all your brand’s efforts online, and gives you a digital marketing plan for the coming months. You’ll find out the do’s and don’ts of new digital trends, and how the digital landscape is working for you. You’ll gain a powerhouse of cutting-edge solutions from top software systems and implementing best practices to new social media and advertising trends to experience exponential growth.

Step 3: Track Key Performance Metrics and Digital Growth

Your entire digital marketing branding is customized to suit the needs of your brand and best speak to your target audience. As you implement new strategies, your Digital Strategist analyzes data and keep track of key performance indicators to continue to identify the best areas for your continued growth. From website design and search engine visibility to email marketing campaigns, social media, online sales, digital support and more, your brand gets the fast track to the right solutions that deliver top ROI for your brand.

With unlimited email support, expert planning, monthly consultations and insider trend updates for your brand, the basic subscription package arms your business with the solutions you need to succeed with online marketing today.

Note: The purchase of Strategic Digital Marketing Consultation is an initial investment of $899.00 CDN (+tax), which applies for your first month of service and begins a regular billing cycle set at the date of purchase for the same amount for on-going consultation services. At this level, your brand gains continuous monthly sessions to support, guidance and solutions to achieve your brand’s growth objectives.


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