Executive Strategy Session


Book your expert strategy session with a digital marketing expert to create a plan of action and get results. Designed for executives, professionals, coaches and hustlers, your executive strategy session focuses on how to effectively use digital marketing tactics and solutions to achieve your specific goals. Whether you want to increase your website traffic, boost sales, increase referrals or more, get the actionable steps you need to implement digital solutions and achieve results.

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Your executive strategy session helps you pinpoint the best digital trends and solutions to achieve the results you want. Figure out your next move to take your business to the next level, solve that tricky sales problem and get real solutions. With the executive strategy session, you get out hands-on solutions to overcome challenges and achieve success.

The Executive Strategy Session Is Ideal If You Want To:

  • Create Specific Plans
  • Achieve Specific Results
  • Overcome Specific Challenges
  • Get Actionable Steps¬†¬†
  • Discover Best Digital Trends for Your Brand
  • Execute Your Digital Campaign

Developed specifically for your needs, your action plan is catered to your resources and goals so you get the best solutions for your brand, your audience and your desired outcome. From increasing social media engagement and website traffic to increasing conversion and sales, you gain the insider access to the best new digital trends to succeed. With real solutions that work, get the brass tacts solutions to implement a clear action plan.

To start, our team will ask you for the details of the problem you want to solve, what results you want to get and what resources and timeline you are working with. From there, your one-on-one time with your Digital Strategist is booked to go over specific action steps to help you achieve your goals. Each executive strategy session is 90-minutes and focuses on your resources and desired goals with a clear roadmap to achieve. Your executive strategy session plan is discussed in your session to create a clear timeline with a custom report so you have everything you need to take action. From building a social media following and creating online sales funnels to internal virtual support and training solutions, our team gets you the solutions and data metrics you need to make it happen without any of the hassle.

Your strategy session provides you with the project plan and tasks involved to give you all the tools you need to take action immediately. Get the latest digital insights and tools you need to grow your business with strategic project plans.

Delivery Timeframe: Typical delivery timeframe for your executive strategy session and action plan ranges between 7-14 business days.

Note: The executive strategy session includes 90-minutes of session time to review particulars of resources, challenges and results for your service. This includes 2 sessions, the initial session for 15-30 minutes where you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire to determine particular results you seek to gain and the action session will be booked within the following 5-10 business days to complete your action plan and then review it on the call for 60 minutes. The executive strategy session includes your action plan report to detail steps, key performance indicators and relevant research and data so you can execute a your action plan right away.


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