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Get a complete Social Media Strategy for your brand to build a following of engaged fans and boost your bottom line. Find out how to use trending new features, top hashtags for your brand, run ads and more that delights and entices your audience. With the Social Media Strategy package, you’ll get a complete assessment report for your brand jam-packed with key insights and recommendations for growth opportunities. You also get a your own 12-Month Social Media Plan and 12-Month Hashtag Guide for your brand to run campaigns and post engaging content to experience continuous growth.

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Get the ultimate social strategy and plan that lays out how to build and grow your brand online with expert solutions. With a complete assessment of your brand and top trending opportunities in your industry, your brand gains the key insights and data you need to use social media effectively to boost your bottom line. Plus, your new content plan and hashtag guide is custom tailored for your brand to optimize your social posts so you get the action-steps you need for the next 12 months of posting that engages your audience.

What’s Included:

  • Social Media Assessment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Platform Demographics
  • Key Recommendations for Growth
  • Top Key Performance Indicators for Ad Campaigns
  • Trending Opportunities for Your Brand
  • 12-Month Strategic Content Plan
  • 12-Month Hashtag Holiday Guide for Your Brand

Take your social strategy to the next level with strategic planning to get results. You’ll find out what tactics are best suited for your market and your brand to experience continuous growth and optimal social reach. Plus, you’ll find out how to track the key performance indicators to continuously evaluate, adapt and grow. Discover how to use social media to grow your brand with a complete 12-month plan that delivers results.

Whether you want to increase your following on specific channels, build your email list, gain more engagement or experience overall growth, your plan is custom-made for your brand to get solutions. Find out how to easily create graphics, stories and content that helps your brand connect with your audience and boost your bottom line.

Delivery Timeframe: Typical timeframe for your complete Assessment Report, 12-Month Content Plan and 12 Month Hashtag Guide is between 4-8 weeks from date of purchase.

Note: This package includes your brand’s Social Media Assessment Report, 12-Month Content Plan and 12-Month Hashtag Guide.


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