Top 7 Website UX Features for 2018⚡️

Here's what you need to know about user experience design for websites in 2018.

The data is in! Find out the latest 2018 market expectations and consumer behaviour to make the most of your website UX this year for digital growth. 

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1. Mobile design is crucial.

Nowadays, a mobile first approach to your website is crucial.

More than half of all internet usage is on a mobile device and that trend continues to rise. (Source: Google Think)

The market expectations are way past mobile responsive. This year will be the year of mobile design websites that deliver a smarter UX for the droves of website users on smartphones. 

2. Fast loading time is a must.

Consumer expectations for instant websites are on the rise.

53% of mobile users will leave a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. (Source: Google Think). 

This means that simple, one to three page websites will be making a strong comeback in 2018 to meet loading time expectations.  

3. Voice SEO and voice friendly interfaces are trending.

Voice search now represents 20% of all internet searches and that trends continues to rise (Source: Next Web).

Website SEO practices on the backend and front end content need to meet new voice commands norms to ensure users can still find your brand's website.

4. SSL certificates a must-have.

Safety is a major concern for internet users today.

And, with Google's update back in October 2017, any website that doesn't have an SSL certificate now shows users a 'Not Secure' warning with slight SEO negatives so... yeah, just get the SSL certificate for your website.

5. Interactive content and media is trending big time.

2018 is gonna get so much more fun online with the rise of interactive content and media on websites. 

Whether it's online videos, branded GIFs, clickable images, animations or more complex augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), this year the brands that integrate interactive media will win.

6. Chatbots.

You've seen these things in action already no doubt, but expect to see a whole lot more of it on websites in 2018. 

Remember that if you're using a chatbot, make sure that it serves the purpose of empowering your website visitors. The best use of chatbots are for helping consumers get digital support.  

7. Customized automated messaging triggered by user website actions.

Part of the more enhanced UX on websites in 2018 will be to enable the right sort of push notifications, email follow-ups, re-targeting ads and more that personalize marketing messages based on a website user actions. 

Just remember, the growing consumer demand for personalized, more relevant marketing messaging is based on a desire for solutions that help consumers save time and effort. 

Only enable website action automations to help consumers save and effort without bombarding users with unnecessary notifications.

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