What You Need To Know About Customer Service In The Digital Era 😀

Here's everything you need to know about how to deliver amazing customer service today.

Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool that brings in the most profits for businesses. 

Today, more than ever, consumers look for quality of service and experience, and that has a direct impact on the sales you do or don't make. Read below to find out what consumers are looking for so you can meet service expectations to enhance your consumer experiences and grow your business.

1. The single defining trend leading consumer purchase behaviour isn't a product or service, it's the CONSUMER EXPERIENCE.

The latest data trends continue to show that consumers are primarily basing all shopping decisions on the experience that goes along with it (Source: AdWeek). 

So basically, delivering quality customer service is KEY.

2. Digital accessibility is a crucial component of a good customer experience.

Consumers expect that a legitimate company has at least some online presence, including a website, contact information, listings with local directories and some form of social media platform to easily access two-way communication. 

Being responsive is a major part of any good customer service. 

Over the last two years, consumers have increased interactions with brands on social media by 250%. And, when consumers see that brands respond to consumer issues on social media, it increases word-of-moth advocacy for that brand by 25% (Source: ConverSocial). 

3. A good digital experience absolutely entails mobile responsive access to any social media ads, websites and online e-commerce platforms.

Mobile is the dominant way consumers perform pre-purchase research that accounts for at least 50% of all foot traffic in addition to online sales, and that trend is rising (Source: Google)

So yeah, mobile is hella important 

4. Consumers look for interactive digital content to make the most of the shopping experience.

Consumers today want active forms of interactive engagement with brands online (Source: AdAge).

This can be as simple as turning on a Facebook messenger option, making graphics interactive, adding text confirmations to web sign-ups and as complex as "gamification" and enterprise apps for your brand. 

5. Consumers will pay significantly more and stay loyal to companies that offer speedy replies via social media and instant chat services.

Consumers find voice and phone the most aggravating medium of communication and are willing to spend more for speedy digital responses - to the tune of $19.83 more if your brand responds to social media interactions within 6 minutes or less (Source: ConverSocial). 

Basically, time is money and consumers will pay more and stay loyal to brands who make it easy to get solutions they need. 

6. Consumers report that lack lustre customer service solutions, like lengthy phone calls instead of instant chat access or social media responses, will result in leaving that company.

77% of consumers said that if they are forced to exert too much time to get solutions, they will take their business to a competitor who does offer easy solutions (Source: ConverSocial).

So if your brand forces consumers to call in for customer service, you're gonna want to re-shop that ASAP because consumers today will leave a brand to shop where their time and money is truly valued with convenient solutions. 

7. Consumers today want personalized, time-efficient communication and solutions.

Customer service solutions should be readily available across digital channels so your customers can save time and stay happy. 

Keep in mind that tools for social media instant chat and text make this a relatively easy solution to add to regular business hours. Your business can leverage existing platforms to add a 'Message Us' or 'DM' us on your website.

Also, be sure to consider how your email marketing and your social media engage with consumers and personalize the experience to make the most of your digital efforts.


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