Why Your Digital Marketing Needs Creative Multimedia 🎥

Here's what you need to know about creative multimedia.

Creative multimedia is essential for any digital marketing strategy. 

Whether you're using text with images, memes, GIFs, infographics, videos or a combination of all of these (best!), unique and shareable multimedia is one of the best ways to capitalize on content marketing and social media engagement for your brand.

Here's what you need to know about creating shareable multimedia to increase your website traffic and expand your organic reach online.

1. Creative videos get the most attention online.

So naturally, it's time to make some videos right? 

Remember the key word here is CREATIVE. Videos that grab and hold attention are clever and speak directly to your target audience in relatable ways. The good news is that, videos don't have to be overly complicated.

A well-thought out video recorded on a smartphone and edited can be a great Instagram story and paid ad, for example. There are so many fun ways to showcase videos on social media, automated webinars, YouTube channels, VLogs, courses and more that people love to share.

2. Anything interactive with multimedia is good.

Call it experiential marketing or just the natural human tendency to seek connections, people want to actively participate. They want an experience, a story, a unique connection - and that means interactive multimedia from live broadcasts and instant chats to quizzes and texts. 

Interactive multimedia spreads like wild fire on social media. Whenever you're creating multimedia, focus on the two-way connection between your brand and your audience.

3. Use multimedia to entertain, educate and entice your audience.

There are three main purposes to keep in mind whenever creating your multimedia - the Three E's

+ Educate consumers about the problem your company solves and/or the solutions you offer;
+ Entertain consumers with anecdotes that relate to your products and/or services;
+ Entice consumers with limited-time offers and/or deals.

Your multimedia is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Whether it's social media posts, candid pics or otherwise, be sure to use images that tell your audience who your company is and why your company is worth doing business with.

4. Large amounts of data need visuals.

People are busy and more often than not, you're competing with at least one other activity whenever someone is online so, make it snappy, clear and concise. 

Whenever you want to share data-heavy information, create an easy to digest visual representation like Infographics. You can use free Infographic tools (like Canva or Piktochart) to create your own Infographics with your company logo or repost others (so long as you credit the original creator and get permission to use it).

5. Candid pics are great on social media and blogs.

Beautiful high-resolution photos are amazing, but remember that you want to create connections with your multimedia and one of the best ways to do that is by using candid pictures. 

One of the advantages that social media and blogs bring is a way for your audience to get those behind-the-scenes peeks so they can get to know your company and your brand (without oversharing).

6. GIFs and memes rule.

GIFs and memes dominate the digital world so take the time to plan out how and when you can use these to incorporate into your content marketing strategy.

7. Podcasts are a thing.

Podcasts are the "Netflix of radio" with millions of listeners. Podcast listeners are on the rise, with monthly listeners growing from 21% to 24% year over year (Source:  Edison).

In other words, this trend is hot and an incredibly effective way to engage with your audience whether it's free, a paid subscription, a bonus or otherwise.

Plus, you can always transcribe podcasts to offer users a PDF download. Remember that users are looking for an ad-free or ad-light experience so you want to again focus on the connections and behind-the-scenes content that really engages your audience. 

8. Multimedia combines text, graphics, animation and interactive experiences to execute an overall sales strategy.

Content marketing strategies help you connect with your audience in an authentic way that represents your brand. 

Stay focused on your overall strategy, so that you know how your content marketing sparks the interest and engagement that leads your consumers through a sales process. Emails, ads, social media posts, blogs... these should all be a building aspect of your overall strategy to boost your bottom line by making the most of your digital presence.

9. Multimedia makes it personal.

With continuous distractions and the bombardment of information, people tend to spend more time with screens than they would like. Creative multimedia creates a two-way conversation and helps people get to know your company. This means that you effectively combine text and design to appeal to your target audience so that there is a sense of shared experience and engagement. 

Depending on your brand, you'll want to incorporate at least a few different multimedia cornerstone content pieces on your website that make it easy for would-be consumers to get to know you. After all, that's what digital convenience is all about.


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